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Anchorage Modular Home - Living Room Windows - Show Home Model
Green Initiative | November 15th, 2018

Energy Efficiencies for a Brighter Future

It’s no surprise that there has been a global shift in how we consume energy. That’s why we’ve made every effort to ensure that our homes are more energy efficient, which ultimately gives you a home that has the ability to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are just a few measures we’ve taken to implement […]

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Green Initiative | August 21st, 2013

Energy Efficiency for a More Comfortable Home

Most home buyers want a comfortable home no matter what room they’re in or what the weather is outside. Energy efficient homes are not only better for the environment; they deliver more comfort, reduce maintenance costs and lower monthly utility bills.      More and more home buyers would prefer to build energy efficient features into […]

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Green Initiative | October 3rd, 2012

Modular Construction Processes are Environmentally Friendly

The home building industry contributes significantly to environmental issues. According to the Green Building Resource Centre, a “typically built” 1700 square foot wood frame house requires the equivalent of clear cutting one acre of forest. Source: Prefabricated and modular construction methods, in comparison, are actually very green and sustainable. Sheri Koones, author of the […]

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