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Let us help you get ready to move! Jandel’s Ready To Move [RTM] homes are built with our stunning designer details, to your specifications. We offer intuitive floorplan designs and thoughtful features for our home buyers to choose from.

Each of our Sales Centres is equipped with its own Décor Centre so you can make your selections right on site.

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RTM Home Construction & Transportation

While many RTM builders simply build their homes in yards near their office, you can rest assured that Jandel’s RTMs are built entirely indoors in a climate-controlled facility. When you choose to build with Jandel Homes, you know that the materials and components going into your home are never exposed to the elements.

RTMs are built in one piece and shipped to site, typically on house moving equipment by house movers. They are usually built in widths of 24’ to 30’, which is great if you live in Alberta, but not so much if you are in the Okanagan where roads are narrower. Jandel Homes has the unique capability of re-designing all our RTM floorplans to be built modular if that is required for your project.

Setting Up Your RTM Home

Jandel Homes’ RTMs can be placed on various foundations.  If your project requires a basement foundation, we are one of the few RTM providers that has the capability of also building your basement and coordinating the crane-on. Our full-service Construction & Delivery Teams will take all the uncertainty out of the project for you and ensure that your home arrives safe and sound.

Pros and Cons of RTM Homes

All of our modular and RTM homes are built to be high quality while still being able to deliver a custom designed and ready to move RTM home.  Jandel Homes have been building ready to move homes for over 45 years and with that amount of experience we have seen it all.  If you are looking to move houses, have specific home features you require, or just want to ensure you can get the best home warranty, quality of work and delivery for your custom RTM we can help.  Speak to our RTM experts and knowledgeable sales staff to answer all your RTM home questions by contacting us today.

RTM homes are a great option for customers that are looking for a larger home, but have a more constricting lot or narrow transportation routes. The size of the RTM is

By opting for a RTM versus a two or three piece modular, the customer is able to save money on trucking, set-up costs as well as overall time on site. Other benefits include quality control, cost control and overall convenience. Because we build your RTM in a factory, there are always supervisors and quality control personnel on site ensuring your house is built to the highest standard. Costs are minimized because materials are purchased in bulk and extras can be used for the next site versus being thrown out. Theft from site and travel travel costs from subtrades are also not incurred within a factory setting. Finally, you can have your foundation built simultaneously with the home construction and also have the convenience of not having to live in a construction site!  

RTM Homes BC

Contact our Grande Prairie Sales Centre for more information about our RTM home options in your area.

RTM Homes Alberta

Contact our Grande Prairie or Edmonton Sales Centre to assist you in selecting your RTM home style and design.

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