Commercial Modular Office Buildings

Jandel Homes is your Alberta and BC modular commercial builder and commercial modular building manufacturer.

Jandel Homes’ modular construction process is ideally suited for commercial applications, especially in remote locations where there may be environmental sensitivities and labour shortages.

We have a wide variety of modular commercial buildings for sale including floorplans suitable for single or multi-story Office Structures, Workforce Housing (Portable Accommodations), First Nations projects, land developments and multi-family.

Why Commercial Modular Buildings vs New Builds?

The cost and time savings advantage that Jandel Homes’ commercial modular construction process offers is generally the most significant deciding factor for many of the businesses that Jandel Homes serves.

Shorter Construction Times while maintaining the Best Quality

The shorter construction time frames and elimination of weather delays lead to a quicker occupancy and return on your investment. We build and deliver modular structures year-round, except for when we need to transport on ice roads.

Modular construction is completed in a controlled environment and adheres to strict building codes and processes as outlined by the Construction industry.

Less External Variables = More Cost Savings

New buildings are costly. Extended construction delays can drive up cost overruns, often beyond budgets and available resources. Jandel Homes’ custom modular construction can get your business up and running in less time than by building on site.

We Build Greener with Our Eco Modular Buildings

Jandel’s modular construction process is far less invasive than site building and it results in less construction waste, reduced CO2 emissions on the building site, and less site disturbance than traditional building processes. Prefabricated modular commercial buildings are built faster, more eco-friendly and often more affordable than site built commercial buildings.

Jandel’s modular buildings can be designed for ease of deconstruction and businesses can repurpose older buildings to be used in secondary locations. Every project is managed by our in-house team of specialists, right from conception to completion. No need for you to hire sub-trades! We can handle the entire project, saving you even more valuable time, manpower and money. Jandel Homes ensures that the project comes in on time, on budget and meets your highest expectations.

Modular Office Buildings

We can build and deliver buildings from 800 square feet up to 3,000 or more. Our designers have drafted some insightful mobile office designs to make the process super simple, or you can work with one of our skilled Consultants to custom design your new workplace.

Businesses have specific needs and we understand that no one office has the same needs as the next. We would be pleased to work with you on a custom design to ensure your office has all of the accessibility, networking and storage solutions needed for your industry.

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Portable Workforce Accommodations

For companies that take employee retention seriously, comfortable and flexible workforce housing should be top of mine. Jandel’s specialty is building modest plans from 1 – 6 bedrooms that are affordable and easily transportable, to be set on permanent or temporary foundations. Comfortable housing for your workforce, available with private or shared bathrooms and thoughtful common areas.

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 Browse Our Portable Workforce Accommodation Floorplans

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Did you know?

Our supplier was the first modular home builder in North America to become ISO certified back in 1996. ISO certification means that the factory maintains a series of quality control standards developed by the International Organization for Standards. Third party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that our factory maintains the requirements of their certification and further recognition of the effort that our factory puts into their craft.

Quality Assurance.

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