Modular Homes

Technically speaking, the term modular does not denote a style of home, but rather a method of construction. It simply means that the home is precision built in a factory. Modular homes can be one or two storey; single or multi-family homes. Modular construction methods can be used in residential or commercial applications.

Building codes vary by province and regardless of where the building is constructed, the jurisdiction where the building will be located has a mandate to confirm that the building is built to code requirements. For factory-built homes, a certification label, indicating compliance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, is the building inspector’s assurance that the factory-constructed parts of the building meet local requirements.

Custom Modular Homes

Jandel’s modern modular homes are bright, open and stylish with contemporary design elements. They can be custom designed and personalized to make the home uniquely yours, or you can choose from our selection of standard floorplans.

Please note: In order to simplify your website search, we are simply using the term ‘modular’ to denote homes that are built in two or more modules.

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Transporting Your Modular Home

While we can build modules up to 30’ wide, our modular homes are typically transported in smaller modules up to 16’ wide, making them ideal for tighter access routes and narrower roads.

When you choose to work with Jandel Homes, we will identify all the transportation requirements very early on in the process and, for added peace of mind, our Transportation Team will complete an onsite consultation with you.

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Setting Up Your Modular Home

Once the modules arrive onsite, there will be some onsite set up work to be done, which we always include in our purchase price.

Jandel’s modular homes can be placed on a variety of foundation types. Our full-service Construction Team will work with you every step of the way, whether you are completing the foundation on your own or if you have hired us to do the work on your behalf.

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