Pre-Owned Modular Homes

Some home buyers will accept nothing less than a brand new home, with pristine fixtures. Other home buyers prefer to buy a house with some age, possibly because of its location in a well-established neighborhood, because they are inspired by the home flipping opportunities of a handyman special or sometimes simply for price point.

We respect and understand that not everyone needs and/or wants a brand new home, and in some instances, it just is truly not in the budget.

Current Pre-Owned Modular Home Listings

  • We don’t currently have any pre-owned homes available.

Pre-Owned Home Inspections

Jandel Homes does not warrant the condition of Pre-Owned Home listings and would highly recommend having the home inspected. Home inspections protect consumers and will provide buyers with a comprehensive analysis of the home’s major systems and components. Home sellers often use a Home Inspector to gain more knowledge of the condition of their home prior to placing it on the market.

Listing Your Home With Jandel

If you’re interested in buying a new home, Jandel Homes will assist you in marketing your home for sale, at no cost to you. We offer this free service to all of our customers. Contact us at one of our Sales Centres for more information.

Retire Your Home

With Jandel Homes’ exclusive Retire Your Home program, we have assisted hundreds of new home buyers sell their existing modular home in order to qualify for a new mortgage. Each home owner’s situation is unique – we have tried to design a solution for each set of circumstances.

Trade In Your Used Modular Home

For some homes, if it is in saleable condition, trading it in might be an option for you. The process is very simple – we simply buy the home from you, and deduct that value from the purchase price of the new home. Before we can advise you on trade in value, we need to assess the home. It is best if you contact a Housing Consultant, and send us photos of the home.

Assist In Selling Your Home

If the trade in program isn’t a practical solution, we can also assist our clients in the private sale of their existing home. We can advise you on all the parts of the process and help you market your home for sale on our website – AT NO COST.

Demolition & Disposal

The unfortunate reality for some older mobile homes is that they were built to a different building code than is used today and the structural integrity may not allow for transport. For owners with mobile homes built prior to 1989, sometimes the simplest solution is to have the home demolished. We have a demolition crew specially trained for this type of work.

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