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Financing might be easier than you think. Jandel Homes can assist you with all of your financing and mortgage options, whether it is through your bank or one of our exclusive lenders. Our clients enjoy elite rates and service with our preferred lenders and mortgage applications are usually turned around within 48 hours.

Make Informed Decisions

Searching for the best mortgage should be undertaken as carefully as you select your new home. We’ve compiled the information below help you make better informed decisions when shopping for a mortgage and examining how much you can afford.

Myth Busters Around Financing

It is a common misconception that modular homes are harder to finance than site built. Whether you’re buying your first home or using your hard earned equity to move into your next one, there are several mortgage and financing products available for the modern home buyer.

While each person’s situation is unique, most banks, appraisers and insurance companies will treat modular homes the same way they do a site built home. Generally, if a home buyer would qualify for financing on a site built home, that same home buyer should also qualify for financing on a modular home.

The lender might choose to use a draw mortgage. Draw mortgages release money in phases as the project is completed.  This is probably the most common financing option our lenders use. Often the bank (or lawyer) will pay out 85% of funds when the home arrives on site and the remaining 15% is released upon completion.

Want to learn more about how you can qualify for a new home?

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