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Partners for Community Development

Working with Developers and Municipalities

Jandel Homes’ modular construction process offers many advantages for developers and municipalities involved in housing developments. Most appealing to most of our community development partners is the faster return on investment. There can be a significant cost savings advantage for the buyer, and we can also turn over lots in 90 days as opposed to the typical nine months or more when using site built housing methods versus modular home development.

The Modular Advantage

How to Build Community Partnerships

Community Housing Partners

We partner on traditional urban, rural and acreage subdivisions and – our specialty – manufactured housing communities [MHC’s]. In addition to working with large developers, we’ve partnered with hundreds of smaller developers and owners of manufactured housing communities. We work with you in determining your specific housing units needs and work with you on long term community engagement in order to assist you with resident services and filling your communities in a timely manner. Our comprehensive construction department will consult with each developer / owner at every stage of development, simplifying the process for you and your team.

Municipalities & Community Organizing

For municipalities, we understand the additional challenges you must face by putting the project to council, obtaining financing and approvals. These things can often take years. Whether it is looking at affordable housing, energy efficiency and green building practices, or a focus on long term sustainability and growth in the community, we will work with you. We will consult with you on the project, assist with the presentation to council, seek out local approved lenders and even do the Town Hall meetings when it’s relevant.

Simplify Your Development

We are one of the few companies in this industry that can offer full turnkey packages to our buyers, easing the stress and the financing difficulties that might arise for a buyer trying to finance vacant land. We can even help our buyers obtain financing, insurance and assist with the sale of their existing home.

Our experience working with different manufactured home community developers provide us a unique understanding of the challenges when it comes to property management and how to develop and operate a community. Our modular construction process has several advantages over site built homes which benefit you, the community and the home owners.

Simplify your next development by working with Jandel.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

The Company is Dedicated to Working with Communities

I have been engaging with Janel Homes for half a decade as an economic development officer in different parts of the Peace Country.  I can say without reservation that their commitment to community is unparalleled.  The company is dedicated to working with communities to meet the local housing needs. This philosophy comes from the president, and filters down through all of the staff.  It is refreshing to work with developers who consider the greater good in their bottom line calculation.

Jennifer Moore, North Peace’s Regional Economic Development Officer

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