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Shannon Websdale

Grande Prairie, AB

“We had very good customer service from the staff in Grande Prairie. One of the reasons we chose modular is because it’s cost effective, quality construction and the timelines. They’re excellent to deal with, friendly and very good on service!”

Paula & James Houlihan

Edmonton, AB

“Our house was ready in 2-3 months from the day we ordered it. We started the process in May/June and had our home in mid-August.”

Melvin & Hilda Elzinga

Peers, AB

“We were very happy, right from start to finish. Everything was done on time and they always kept us updated. We had a good experience with Jandel.”

Patricia Armitage

Amisk, AB

“We chose modular because it’s so easy! People at Jandel are really helpful. They made it so stress free. We sold our house at the end of June, went and looked at Jandel Homes and were in our new house by the end of September. That was just amazing.”

Barry & Linda Hourie

Fort McMurray, AB

“Everybody that I talked to at Jandel was pretty good. They all helped me out – they knew it was my first time.”

Rob & Janine Hutton

Duffield, AB

“The quality at Jandel is much more superior to their competitors. It’s been a great experience – we love our house!”

Travis Eldridge

Woodland Cree First Nation | Cadotte Lake, AB

“Dealing with Jandel has been one of the easiest home purchases that I’ve dealt with. I’ve helped bring 44 homes to the First Nation in the last 10 years, and the 15 homes we purchased with Jandel were the easiest. I’d definitely recommend Jandel!”

Blair & Brenda Schmidt/Magas

Raymond Shores, AB

“We researched a number of different manufacturers, and it was the comfort and professionalism of the staff at Jandel. Jandel really goes above and beyond with their criteria for the way their home goes in and the way things get done, right to finish.”

Linda Johnson

Berwyn, AB

“When I went to the show home and talked with the representatives, the whole turnkey packages was what I was really looking for because I didn’t want the contractors, subcontracts and landscapers. All I did was move in. “

Cliff Stockman

Flatbush, AB

“I bought a Jandel home because we looked at many other ones, and between me and the wife, we decided we liked the quality of the home. It looked a lot nicer than the other ones we looked at.”

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