Indigenous Modular Housing

Indigenous Housing and Modular Construction

At Jandel Homes, we work collaboratively with First Nations, Inuit and Metis community leaders across Western Canada to create innovative solutions for modern, healthful and sustainable housing. We understand that trust and respect are earned, and over our 45-year history, we have created many long-lasting relationships with our Aboriginal business partners. Together, we have been building safe and secure housing since 1974.

Working With Your Council In Flexible New Ways

Jandel Homes has worked on a number of past projects with First Nations in order to provide housing to their communities. We believe in being flexible when it comes to determining the right housing strategy. We can work directly with your Housing Manager or your Chief and Council to find the best solution for your community, including all the details regarding the number of homes and the purchasing process. We can also work directly with each family on selecting options, upgrades and the decor that best suits their needs. Whether you want us to work directly with each family or not is up to you, in the end our goal is still the same – to help you and your families make the home you choose their very own.

Past First Nation Projects

  • Woodland Cree First Nation in Cadotte Lake, AB
  • Swan River First Nation in Kinuso, AB
  • Red Pheasant First Nation in Cando, SK
  • Beaver Lake Cree Nation south of Lac La Biche, AB
  • Peerless Trout First Nation in Peerless Lake, AB

Relationship with The Land

Jandel understands the unique challenges and sensitivities required when operating on-reserve, in indigenous communities, traditional territories and often in remote locations.

Building housing for indigenous people is no different in terms of the housing conditions or the need for affordable housing with consideration for appropriate living spaces. But, it does require that understanding and respect for the relationship with the land. Our housing solutions and construction process is less invasive than site building; modular construction results in a 43% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Green Building Practices. Energy Efficient Homes.

Our construction process is resource efficient, minimizing waste and energy consumption during the build, which reduces our carbon footprint.

Our homes are low maintenance and energy efficient, which reduces upkeep requirements, replacement and energy costs, while protecting the environment.

Our Trades or Yours

We are happy to offer an affordable, turn-key solution for your housing or commercial building requirements. Jandel’s full-service Construction Team can complete both large and small projects. We understand that we share a social responsibility to create opportunities for employment for our First Nations’ partners by using local tradespeople and businesses on your project, whenever possible. Alternatively, we can also simply supply the house and your tradespeople can do the rest.

If you would like to learn more about working with Jandel Homes on your project, please contact us, toll free, at 855.463.0084 or email

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