How much will my Jandel modular home cost?

One of the first questions our prospective customers always as is “How much will my Jandel home cost?”. The truth is, this is a very complex question to answer as there are many variables to consider.

Transportation Costs

At Jandel, we sell homes throughout Western Canada – across the prairie provinces, British Colombia and into the Territories. The location of your future house site will will have an impact on your transportation costs [equipment and routes vary]. Contrary to building on site, when you opt to build modular, it means your house will be delivered to you. This means that prices are affected by location due to transportation costs.

For example, when transporting a house to Fort Chipewyan on an ice road in February, it is required by law to have a police escort, which will add additional costs. Contrarily, delivering a house to Rocky Mountain House in the summer will not require this specific escort, reducing the overall cost.

Provincial Energy Codes

Mandated provincial energy codes also play a key factor in total costs of your home. In Alberta, for example, the Building Code 9.36 specifies required upgrades to include in your home for overall energy efficiencies, depending on where you reside. All of these upgrades will have additional fees.

For example, if you live in Fort McMurray, you live in Energy Zone 7B. This means that you are required to add a heat recovery ventilation unit (HRV) as well as have awning/casement windows throughout your home.

Learn More About This Building Code

Each site is unique

We understand that each site is 100% unique, that’s why Jandel Homes offers a complimentary site inspection for all its customers. When we conduct a site inspection, our team is looking at the path taken to arrive at your lot as well as the lot itself for anything that may cause difficulty for our trucks to efficiently and safely deliver your home on delivery day.

Some things that we need to be cognizant of include narrow bridges, overhead power lines, tight access to sites, large trees, pre-existing buildings to maneuver around, etc.

Rest assured, we’ve seen a lot of things over the years and have yet to have a site we couldn’t deliver the house to! Remember, we are the experts and have been doing this for over 45 years. We do site inspections to ensure there are no surprises on delivery day. We want you to enjoy the moment you see your brand-new house driving up your driveway, not being worried about whether the house will fit around the corner.

Foundations are a component

The foundation you choose to install will also play a role in the overall price of your home. We have four common foundations that our customers select from: gravel pads, steel piles, crawlspaces and basements.

It’s important to note that one foundation may work better for one site versus the other. Ask to consult our inhouse Construction Team to find out which foundation will best suit your needs. You can also reference our blog to learn more about choosing the right foundation.

Choosing The Right Foundation

Degree of customization

This is where the fun comes in! Out Housing Consultants will spend time working with each customer to understand exactly what they are looking for in a home.

  • How much square footage do you want?
  • What level of upgraded décor and finishing features are you wanting to include? [fixtures, flooring, countertops, siding, exterior accents, etc]
  • Do you require a two-piece modular home versus a one-piece home?
  • Determining the ideal size of home [total square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living room and family room combination]

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