Design Ideas | February 23rd, 2022

What nobody tells you when designing your dream kitchen.

Scrolling through Pinterest for kitchen inspiration is a great way to spend a Sunday morning. With endless design inspiration, how can you go wrong? 

Here’s what Pinterest doesn’t tell you about kitchen design: true design functionality is in behind-the-scenes details. Kitchens that look dreamy may not be a dream to work in. That’s why it’s important to look at your lifestyle and needs as a whole before diving in headfirst to design your perfect kitchen. After weighing what matters and what doesn’t, you’ll have confidence in designing the heart of your home. Let’s go over a few tips and tricks before you start the design process!

The right features turn dreamers into doers.

Having the right features can transform you from a dreamer to a doer (and a pretty great chef, too!) Consider opting for the following when designing your perfect kitchen:

Kitchen Islands.

If you’ve never had a kitchen island before, you might be missing out! There are several styles of kitchen islands that can also double as a dining space while offering ample room for meal preparation. The Langford is a great example of having a functional island along with a peninsula for serving. It’s the best of both worlds while keeping the home’s open-concept feel.

Fingerprint Resistant appliances.

For those who love the look of stainless steel, but have a hard time keeping it bright and shiny. These appliances have a special coating that resists greasy fingerprints from everyday life and helps keep your kitchen looking clean as a whistle!

When you have the right features to suit your needs in the kitchen, you can spend more time doing and less time worrying!


Wouldn’t cooking be way more enjoyable if you could find the things you need? Storage is often overlooked when designing your dream kitchen because it’s easy to get caught up in aesthetics. Take the time to really evaluate the tools you need in your kitchen so you can properly prepare to store them (and access them when the time comes!) Some of the most effective storage solutions are the most effective – here are a few of our favorites:

  • A corner or walk-through pantry is a great way to store staple items, large appliances you can’t live without (like your air fryer and blender), overflow cleaning supplies and non-perishables.
  • Opt for pot and pan drawers in your kitchen island to easily store and access your dishes, pots and other regularly used items. 
  • Install racks in your cupboards to store cookie sheets and pans upright. No more clink, clank, clunking trying to grab a pan!

Pictured: The Anchorage and it’s corner pantry and island with additional drawers.

Design for trends or keep things traditional?

A trend is defined as something that’s generally developing or changing. Trends are inevitable and perfect in the fashion world, but they can get tricky in home design. Why? Simply because your home is a long-term investment that can’t easily stay up to date with ever changing trends.

In 2022, we’re seeing a lot of modern aesthetics in the home – especially in the kitchen. For example neutral color palettes, bold black cabinet hardware, large ranges and lighting along with open concept designs.

2022 Kitchen Trends To Try Out

The fact that ‘modern’ is trending right now is a good thing! Modern features never really go out of style. The great thing about having a modern or timeless foundation in your home is that you can stay on-trend with smaller decor pieces. It’s easier to change things like wall art, furniture, and accent colors than it is to completely renovate your kitchen. When you choose traditional foundations, it’s easy to add personal touches in your kitchen to keep it refreshed every few years!

Pictured: The Sicily and it’s modern kitchen interior including light cabinetry, chrome hardware and lighting.


Start Designing your Dream Kitchen

Jandel Homes has helped design dream kitchens for over 45 years. Based on our experience, these are great points to ponder before starting the design process. It’s important to take a holistic approach from the beginning and our team is here to help you make the best decisions for your lifestyle. Contact our friendly Housing Consultants to get started on your dream home today!

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