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Modular Home Skirting in Alberta: Picking the Right Skirting for your Property

Why should you invest in skirting?

When modular homes are delivered onto a foundation that is not a basement or crawl space (such as pilings or blocking) there will be a space between the bottom of the home and the ground. It’s best practice to fill in this space so that animals and weather elements won’t cause harm items such as the plumbing, ducting and belly bag of your home. Not only do modular homes use skirting to protect mechanical elements, they also provide a beautiful finish to your property.

What is skirting and when is it installed?

Skirting is the material installed between the ground and the bottom of your modular home. Modular home skirting comes in many different materials such as wood, vinyl and even insulated options. Homebuyers have the freedom to select the material based on their preferences and budget.

Skirting is installed after your home is delivered and secured to its foundation, unless you’ve opted to have your home set on a basement or crawlspace.

Benefits of Mobile Home Skirting

#1: Protecting the longevity of your home

Mobile home skirting is a barrier that acts as the first line of defence against harsh elements that can cause damage to your home such as snow, ice and rain.

If left unprotected, snow and ice can build up on your pipes and cause them to burst resulting in costly repairs (and stress)! By proactively and professionally installing modular home skirting, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is well protected.

#2. Adding curb appeal

A mobile home left without skirting is like a door left without trim – it can look unfinished which can, in turn, decrease curb appeal. The design of your home is completely up to you, which includes choosing the style of your skirting. Jandel Homes offers three types of skirting to suit your personal preferences.

#3: Insulation

Leaving a gap between your home and the ground open allows for cold air to trickle into the house. This is especially challenging for mobile home owners in Western Canada who are susceptible to long, cold winters. Closing this gap with skirting creates a thermal envelope around your home, which will prevent cold air from creeping in and help regulate the temperature of your home.

Did you know that Jandel Homes provides an insulated skirting option? We’ll discuss this option later in this blog post.

Mobile Home Skirting Options

Option #1: Parged Insulated Colored Skirting

This style of skirting has been turning heads among our customers. Colored skirting not only challenges the traditional idea of mobile home skirting, but it also adds a modern element that makes a statement. Our insulated skirting comes in black and dark grey and also provides a great faux rock skirting look!

Jandel Homes was the first modular home builder to offer this unique design and it’s extremely popular among our customers.

Dark Grey insulated skirting is the perfect option for those looking for something in-between black and white.

Option #2: Insulated Vinyl Skirting

Before the launch of our colored insulated skirting, vinyl was the popular choice among our customers. This material is extremely low maintenance as it cab be cleaned with a pressure washer and easily repaired in small panels. While this selection provides you with all the same benefits of insulated skirting, you will save some costs by opting for white versus colored.

Insulated skirting also comes in white for a more traditional look.

White vinyl skirting option from Jandel Homes.

Option #3: Non-Insulated Vinyl Skirting

Vinyl skirting was once the most commonly used skirting option. This skirting option looks great and will last for many years, but many opt for an upgraded insulated option for the added benefits mentioned above. Rest assured that if you opt for non-insulated vinyl skirting for your home that it will still be protected from the elements!

Non-Insulated Vinyl Skirting was once the most commonly used skirting.

Non-Insulated Vinyl Skirting on a Jandel home.

How much does skirting a mobile home cost?

The great news: skirting a mobile home can cost as much or as little as you’d like it to. The cost of skirting your mobile home greatly depends on the square footage and material used.

For example, skirting one of our 2,280 sq. ft. homes with black insulated skirting will cost much more than skirting a 1,216 sq. ft. plan with vinyl. Skirting is an important part of your budget consideration and should be looked at prior to purchasing your home.

Ways to obtain skirting from Jandel Homes:

  1. Purchase skirting from Jandel Homes and allow us to install the product. This option comes with our workmanship guaranteed that it will be installed properly to our highest standards.
  2. Purchase skirting from Jandel Homes and install it on your own. This option is great if you’re a handy person looking to save a little bit of money on the install. Keep in mind that it is important to consider how much time and effort you’re willing to take completing the install.
  3. Purchase and install your skirting entirely on your own. This option does pose some level of risk if you aren’t familiar with the best types of materials or warranty of the products you’ve sourced elsewhere.

Key Takeaways

Skirting is an essential piece of the mobile home building process that should not be ignored. Protecting the gap under your home with skirting can increase your home’s longevity and curb appeal. You have an array of design options to choose from that suit your style and budget, and our friendly Housing Consultants can help you navigate them.

Ready to start shopping for the perfect modular home? Start the process by virtually touring our most popular plans.


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