Building Codes and Legislation | April 6th, 2021

How Modular Building Codes Stack Up

Building codes exist to protect homeowners and their property from the elements. They also provide a guideline for structural integrity, energy efficiency and mechanical safety.

Let’s look at how modular building codes stand among their competitors.

Where our homes are built

One of the biggest questions we get about factory built homes is how their codes differ from stick-built homes? The short answer: they don’t!

Our homes are built in an A277 certified factory. Factories with this specific certification are permitted to produce homes in a factory environment. This ensures that homes are built in the best possible environment for the quality our customers deserve.

This certification specifically applies to the factory, it actually has nothing to do with the building code of the house itself. For example, stick built homes do not have this certification because they are not built in a factory.

Home building codes

Different provinces set their own building codes to ensure the same standard across the region. Our homes are mostly built to the Alberta building code, unless of course our customer is purchasing a house for another province or terriority. In this case, the house will be built to the code of its final destination. We build homes and deliver them across Western Canada so it’s not uncommon for us to have homes built to British Columbia code, for example.

A common myth is that modular homes are built to a different code than their stick built counterparts. That is simply not true! We follow the exact same building codes as stick built homes, no exceptions!

Yes, you can get a factory built home in a fraction of the time, all while using the same building code and standards as stick built!

So, why are your homes called modular, manufactured or RTM?

If our homes are truly built to the same code as others, you might be wondering why we refer to them as modular, manufactured or RTM. These are simply terms used across the industry to describe the style of home – think of them as simply marketing terms. To help explain the difference in the different style of homes we refer to, take a look at our simplified marketing terms below:

Manufactured Home – Our manufactured homes are beautifully built to last a lifetime. These homes are generally 14’ – 22’ in width and 85% or more complete when they leave the factory. On site set up is typically very straightforward and manufactured homes tend to be the most affordable of all of our homes.

Modular Home – These are typically shipped to site in two or more smaller sections and allow for the greatest design flexibility for our more discerning clients. Modular homes are also a great option for tight access routes where an RTM might not work due to its size.

Ready-to-Move (RTM) – RTMs are a lot like modular homes, but they are built in a single module. These homes are typically 24’ in width or greater, hauled by house movers on house moving equipment. RTMs are often priced more favorably than modular homes because they arrive on site about 85% complete.

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How codes have changed

It wasn’t always this way. For over 30 years, mobile homes were required to meet the Z240 code. This code was similar to the requirements set out in Canada’s building code. This means your A277 factory built home now comes with some great requirements like energy savings, solid structure and long lasting roofs.

Built factory tough, right here in Alberta!

Our factory is right here in Alberta and carries the A277 label. What that really means to you is a guarantee that our homes are built to the highest standard by professionals. Purchasing a home is a big decision, so it’s important that our factory is certified so you can have peace of mind knowing your home wasn’t built by an unqualified facility.

More Questions?

Questions about our building code, our building process or how our modular homes stand among competitors? Contact one of our friendly housing consultants to learn more here.

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