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Quick Delivery

Ready to Move [RTM] Homes are built in one location, fully finished and delivered to site in one piece. There is certainly a time savings advantage to having your home built and shipped to site in one piece and there may also be a cost savings advantage.

Jandel Homes’ RTMs have the added benefit of being built in a climate controlled, state of the art manufacturing facility and being certified to the CSA A277 Standard. Certification is an additional assurance of quality craftsmanship that is not required of non-factory RTM builders. Certification to the CSA A277 Standard requires onsite audits, reviews of the quality control processes and ensures code compliance as the home is leaving the factory.

Did you know?

RTMs typically cannot be delivered into British Columbia due to narrower roads and transportation restrictions. We can likely build that same floorplan in two or more modules, however, and deliver it to your site that way. There has never been a site that we were not able to get into and we haven’t had the opportunity of using a helicopter yet – so give us a challenge! We’re up for it!

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