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Manufactured Homes

Did you know? Alberta does not accept the CSA Z240MH Standard for Manufactured Homes. Homes in Alberta are all built to the same building code, whether they are built in a factory or onsite. If the home is built in a factory, no matter the style of house, it must comply with CSA A277 standard of certification and be built to the Alberta Building Code. So, technically speaking, there are no “manufactured homes” being sited in Alberta.

The CSA Z240MH Standard is accepted in other provinces.


At Jandel Homes, we differentiate “modular” and “manufactured” homes simply for ease of permitting, land use bylaws and for the homes we build to be delivered out of province. Manufactured homes are typically built on a deformation resistant steel frame that makes up part of the foundation and transportation system. If the home is being located outside of Alberta, the home may also be built to the CSA Z240MH standard.

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