The Modular Advantage | Delivery and Set Up | November 19th, 2020

Your Top 5 Questions about Winter Deliveries Answered

You may be pondering the same question as many home buyers – is winter a good time to buy a house? As our streets quickly become covered in snow, some buyers are left with no option other than to purchase in the winter.

Buying and building your modular home in the winter comes with a handful of perks! That’s why we’ve curated a list of our top 5 questions around building in the winter.


1. What time of year is best to buy a home?


It’s a common misconception that we only deliver homes in the summer due to our seasonal climate. However, we deliver homes all year round! That’s just one of the benefits of choosing a modular home.

We don’t stop delivering homes just because Old Man Winter makes an appearance. Modular homes are built all year round in our climate controlled factory to increase building efficiency. This allows us to build your home faster, more efficiently and often in a cost friendly fashion.


2. Is December a good time to buy a house?


December is considered our slower season and that means an opportunity for big savings. During the month of December we’re clearing out our show homes in preparation for next year’s decor change. Saving money on your dream home is what you really want, isn’t it?

The slower building season in the housing industry might also make it easier to find qualified tradespeople, a significant advantage in the Prairie Provinces, where we still face a tight labour market.


3. Is it cheaper to buy a house in the winter?

You’ll be saving on the cost of your land, too. Consider this: if you buy property in the fall, you will have to carry the cost of owning the land until you are ready to move. You will also have to carry the cost of your existing mortgage until you move into your new home. Starting the work now rather than later could save you thousands of dollars in carrying costs.

4. Can you deliver a modular home in the winter?

You betcha! Picture Ice Road Truckers with a mix of HGTV. Not only are our homes built for our harsh winter climate, they’re built to withstand travelling hundreds of kilometres to their final destination. As soon as the building process is complete, our homes are ready to hit the road. Have you ever seen a 2415 sq.ft. home travelling down the highway? It’s quite a sight!


5. What about the rest of the work?


You know we can deliver your house in the winter, but what about the other puzzle pieces involved?

You’ll be relieved to know that things like septic systems, natural gas lines and foundations and steel pilings can all be installed during the winter too!

Concrete Basements | Pilings

While it’s entirely possible to pour concrete basement foundations and concrete pilings in the winter months, we will need to take special precautions. After all, we don’t want the concrete to freeze! These precautions might include the use of windbreaks, insulated formwork and heaters. These extra measures may increase costs, so it’s important to ask the right questions when speaking with your contractors.

Septic Systems

It is ideal to install septic systems in the warmer months but our subcontractors install them year round. Proper equipment handling will mediate the challenges of cold weather installation.

Natural Gas Lines

Natural gas lines can be installed year round, although the service provider may add a surcharge. Many of our clients who build in the winter opt to use propane until the weather is warmer.

Yes, we can deliver in winter!

The choice of when and how to build your dream home is an extremely personal decision. Learn more about the modular building process and how we can make winter construction possible at Jandel. 

When you’re ready, our Housing Consultants are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about choosing the Modular Advantage! Contact our Edmonton or Grande Prairie Sales Centres, or visit our award winning community Meadows of Morinville!

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