Are prefab cottages an easier option?

Albertans are graced with warmer weather for just a sliver of time. So, when the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, we hold onto every precious moment we can!

One of the best ways to make the most out of summer is spending it at the lake in your very own cottage where you can simply pull up, unpack a few groceries and let the good times roll. Whatever your reason for wanting to escape the city, Jandel Homes offers a better way to build modular cabins and modular cottages. Modular cottage home construction is faster than traditional site building and there is no need to try to source materials locally or pay contractors a premium to work in a remote location.

Are prefab cottages an easier option than stick building?

To stick build, or not to stick build. That truly is the question. Here are some factors to consider when looking at purchasing a prefab cottage:

Speed of Construction

You can complete a modular cottage/cabin and be living in it within three months from signing a contract. You don’t need to spend one to two summers building a cottage and supervising trades. You can also get all the leg work done during the winter, including delivering the cottage, so you’re ready to enjoy the lake as soon as spring/summer lake season starts. Did we mention that delivering in the winter is great for lake lots? This is simply because the ground is generally softer in the summer from being next to a body of water.

Consider your location

It can be difficult and more expensive to have independent trades working on a site built cottage in a smaller, remote lake area as there aren’t as many local companies. You can anticipate paying a premium on your cottage if you choose to stick build. 

Delivering a pre-fab cottage to your remote location is a breeze! We’ll complete a site inspection prior to delivery to ensure we won’t run into any road blocks. Your entire cottage will be safely and securely delivered in one piece and will only require a few finishing touches.

Is a prefab cottage in my budget?

Prefab cottage pricing comes down to a few factors including your finishes, the size and delivery location. Jandel Homes has prefab cottages starting as low as $125/sq ft. That’s a great price to pay for peace of mind and speedy construction! 

Consider the primary use of your cabin before shopping so you can determine exactly how much it will cost you. Is it a glamorous cabin meant for entertaining multiple people, or is it just a warm place to sleep so you can spend most of your time out on the lake?

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2 Bedroom Prefab Cottage Plans

Take a look below at three of our most popular 2-bedroom modular cottage plans.

The Windermere

This 1248 sq. ft. cottage is perfect for anyone with a lake lot. Its covered front porch gives this plan tonnes of curb appeal and will make your neighbours jealous! This beautiful home offers a stylish, open concept kitchen with a separate island offering plenty of storage and prep space!

View The Windermere Model

The Cascade

The Cascade is the recipient of the 2017 Award of Distinction, Single Family Home for the entirety of the Prairie Provinces. This cottage is built to a residential building code, suitable for year round living. The 8’ covered front porch gives this plan beautiful curb appeal and doubles as a great spot to sit and watch the world go by.

View The Cascade Model

The Aspen

This charming house proves that you can opt for smaller square footage without sacrificing style. Adding a few thoughtfully placed windows creates a bright and welcoming space in a budget-friendly footprint.

View The Aspen Model

Find Your Dream Cottage

Jandel Homes has been helping families live their best life at the cottage for over 45 years. Whether you’re in the market for the perfect place to entertain your family or a quiet oasis in the woods, we surely have the right cottage for you! Contact us today to learn more about our plans and for a quote.

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