Differentiating Modular, Manufactured and Mobile Homes

We’re often met with the question: what is the difference between modular, manufactured and mobile homes? Below you’ll find a detailed outline on ways you can distinguish between these three types of homes.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are typically shipped to site in two or more smaller sections and allow for the greatest design flexibility for our more discerning clients. Modular homes are also a great option for tight access routes where an RTM (Ready to Move) might not work due to its size.

Technically speaking, the term modular does not denote the style of a home, but rather a method of construction. It simply means that the home is precision built in a factory. Modular homes can be one or two storey; single or multi-family homes. Modular construction methods can be used in residential or commercial applications.

Building codes vary by province and regardless of where the building is constructed, the jurisdiction where the building will be located has a mandate to confirm that the building is built to code requirements. For factory-built homes, a certification label, indicating compliance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, is the building inspector’s assurance that the factory-constructed parts of the building meet local requirements.

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Manufactured Homes

Jandel’s manufactured homes are beautifully built to last a lifetime. These homes are generally 14’ to 22’ in width and 85% or more complete when they leave the factory. Onsite set up is typically very straightforward and manufactured homes tend to be the most affordable of all of our homes.

Technically speaking, the word manufactured refers to a method of construction not a style of home, or a specific set of building materials.  When we say manufactured, we are talking about a highly efficient method of construction. This method specifically allows for each and every home to be precision built in a factory, then shipped to its final destination, typically in one module. Manufactured homes are often called by other names, including modular homes, mobile homes or prefab homes. 

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What happened to ‘mobile homes’?

Jandel Homes has been challenging the perception of modular housing for over 45 years. We truly believe in the value of efficient, factory built housing for our customers!

Mobile Homes 1955 – 1965

This image depicts mobile homes in their earliest form. Frankly, homes in this era between 1955 and 1965 were referred to as trailers as owners could tow their home from one location to the next. 

Common characteristics of these homes included: 2″ exterior walls, bow truss rafters, metal roofing, oil furnace, wood wall panels, 6’6″ height, and jalousie windows. (MHAPP, 2020)

Modular Homes 1989 – 1991

What changed?

As time went on and construction technologies improved, homes were becoming larger, heavier and were included in new Code standards. 

The term “mobile home” no longer applied as these homes were not built to move from location to location.

The industry as a whole replaced the term “Mobile Home” with “Manufactured Home” which was more relevant to the structure. 

Common characteristics of manufactured homes included: 2”×6” walls, stippled ceilings now standard, introduced PVC vinyl double pane windows, improved ventilation systems, skylights and vinyl or wood siding standard, no more metal siding. (MHAPP, 2020)

Customization, thoughtful design and exceptional value

Modular homes have come leaps and bounds since their earliest days. At Jandel Homes, we’re proud to showcase over two-dozen floorplans for our customers.

Jandel Homes has been a modular home industry leader offering innovative designs and intuitive features since 1974. We were building modular and manufactured homes before it was cool, and we still build them, beautifully and made to last. RTM homes are the relative new kid on the block, but they are well-loved, and we have a fantastic line-up.

Search through our existing library of modular floorplans here, ranging from 400 – 2,900 square feet, for your building inspiration. Is 2,900 square feet not quite big enough for you? No problem! We would be delighted to work with you on your own custom modular home design.

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