Design Ideas | April 22nd, 2020

Repurpose your Spare Bedroom

Raise your hand if your spare bedroom is filled with the ‘I’ll find a spot for that later’ clutter. 

Gone are the days of throwing every miscellaneous belonging into one room and letting clutter pile up over the years.

We may not be Marie Kondo, but we know a thing or two about re-purposing spare bedrooms and getting the most out of your space. Take a look and see how you can transform your spare room into a crafting space, nursery, dream children’s bedroom, yoga studio and more!

Yoga at Om

You can’t spell home without om. That’s why we want to encourage you to create a space where you can come home, close the door and dive into your yoga practice.

Consider embracing simplicity in your spare bedroom by creating an in-home yoga studio. Grab a yoga mat, a few plants to breathe life into the room and set up shop! 

Practicing yoga is a great way to start or end your day – why not do it in the comfort of your own home?

Get Crafting!

A spare bedroom can be transformed into your perfect crafting space. Built-in storage isn’t just for a kitchen or entry way. Add things like shelving, cupboards and desks to effectively utilize every corner of your spare room. 

Consider this storage solution for your crafting supplies.

The cube shelving is perfect for storage bins where you can organize paints, colors, thread and stationary. 

For those messier items that aren’t visually appealing, enjoy conveniently storing them in a cupboard or drawer.


Our bedrooms are spacious and grow with your family. 

What starts as a nursery and your new beginning can easily be transformed into a toddler’s dream room and then your teen’s sanctuary. 

If you dream it, it’s possible!

Play-time paradise

Tired of having toys spread all over the house? Contain them in your spare playroom! Set up this space in one of your rooms with a walk-in closet so your little one’s toys can stay organized. If you need some additional closet solutions – we have a built-in for that!

Home Office

From side hustles selling hand-crafted goods to full scale businesses, it’s never been easier to work from home and continue building your future. Additionally, more and more companies are responding to the workforce change by giving employees a chance to telecommute.

But let’s be honest – working at your kitchen table isn’t sustainable. You need a space that inspires your inner creative that’s also equipped with functional features to store paperwork, projects and materials.

What’s better than one built-in smart desk? Two, of course! This sleek set up pairs luxury and functionality, all while adding a fun pop of color!

These aren’t just any built-ins. We put ourselves in your shoes while dreaming up the perfect design. Storage, organization and space are all at your fingertips so you can spend time running your business – not running around trying to stay organized. See our full range of built-in desks here.

DIY Spare Room Closet

Turn your spare room into a dressing room. Utilize a simple clothing rack to mix and match your favourite outfits, or add built-ins throughout the room.

This walk-in closet storage is featured in our Pinnacle show home. However, this solution can easily be added to a spare bedroom. 

Picture walking into a well-organized room with sweater shelves, drawers, shoe storage and space to hang clothing.

Sounds like every girl’s dream, right?

Make Your Spare Room Functional

A spare room doesn’t have to sit and wait for company. We’d love to see your spare bedroom hacks! Tag us on social media @JandelHomes and see more design ideas here!

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