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Viewing Homes During COVID-19

The Federal Government has deemed real-estate and moving services essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that home buyers and sellers are still actively moving properties.

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While the real estate landscape is currently faced with a number of precautions, home builders are finding innovative ways to support a safe move for their clients during COVID-19.

Moving During COVID-19

Perhaps you sold your home prior to the pandemic and have to be out to honor possession dates. Here are some ways to ensure you are safely moving:

1. Pack and organize your belongings.

Pack your items efficiently by labeling boxes by the final destination. This will help movers identify how to pack their truck and unload as quickly as possible. 

2. Social Distancing

Use an assembly line for unloading what you can. Have movers bring boxes inside the house and grab them when it is safe to do so. This will help support social distancing.

3. Request a reduced crew

Talk with your moving company about reducing the number of crew members to a bare minimum. Ask your movers about the personnel who will be on the job – have they travelled recently? Have they been in contact with anyone who is sick? These are important questions to protect yourself.

Viewing Homes During COVID-19

We understand that some people are still moving forward with house purchases, even during COVID-19. Some customers were already pre-approved or had money saved up for their new house and are still wanting to move forward with a home purchase. There are a few ways you can experience our homes from the comfort and safety of yours.

1. We’re booking personalized Skype/Facetime tours. If you aren’t comfortable coming into one of our Sales Centres, give us a call to arrange a walk-through tour with one of our Housing Consultants. We’ll take you directly through the homes you’re interested in and answer any questions you may have.

Request A FaceTime Tour

2. Phone us! One of our friendly Housing Consultants will be more than happy to discuss your housing needs over the phone. Once we determine exactly when you’re looking for, we’ll be able to direct you to online galleries, show home videos and virtual tours.

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3. Instant access to virtual tours. We have a list of homes on our website available with instant access to video tours. Grab a coffee and click right here to start touring our most popular plans.

Watch Virtual Tours

Most Importantly, Stay Safe!

Safely moving or buying a house during COVID-19 is possible. It’s important to limit your face-to-face interactions with movers or friends and family who have offered to help. 

Give us a call to discuss how you can safely continue your home-buying journey during this pandemic. Stay safe!

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