The Modular Advantage | March 24th, 2020

Moving Your Business to Modular

Alberta based businesses that choose to move to modular offices are saving time and money. What that really means is they can focus on what matters most. The real value in choosing to move to a modular office is less disruption, building efficiency, quick occupancy and design flexibility.

Let’s face it, new buildings are costly and extended construction timelines can drive up cost overruns, which often extend well beyond budgets and available resources.

Alberta businesses need sustainability, efficiency, design flexibility and stability in today’s marketplace. Custom modular construction can get your business up and running in less time and often for less money compared to traditional stick built construction. Beyond the cost and time savings, there are tremendous benefits of building modularly. That’s why many are choosing modular office building designs in 2020.

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Why Modular Office Building Construction Works

Modular construction is done in a controlled environment and adheres to strict building codes and processes as outlined by the Construction industry. Additionally, there are no weather delays!

The time saving advantage that Jandel Homes’ commercial modular construction process offers is generally the most significant one for many of the businesses that Jandel Homes serves. The shorter construction timeframes and elimination of weather delays lead to a quicker occupancy and return on your investment. We build and deliver modular structures year-round, except for when we need to transport on ice roads.

New buildings are costly. Extended construction delays can drive up cost overruns, often beyond budgets and available resources. Jandel Homes’ custom modular construction can get your business up and running in less time than by building on site.

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Here are our top 6 reasons you should consider building a modular office in Alberta:

1. Efficiency

Precise and efficient building technology ensures that your building is delivered on time. We are so efficient, in fact, modular builders can often pinpoint the time of day the building will be finished.


2. Quick Occupancy


The onsite groundwork can occur while the module(s) are getting built, leading to much faster construction times. Occupancy in modular offices can take place very quickly after the modules arrive and shorter time to occupancy means faster revenue generation.


3. Design Flexibility


Designs are flexible, modern, easily customizable and attractive. Choose from plans ranging from a simple single section module of 800 square feet or design your own plan of 6000 square feet or more.

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4. Less Disruption


Modular office construction makes moving seamless. Your employees will experience less disruption and have minimum impact on productivity by moving into an office that’s ready to occupy upon delivery. Moreover, installation of the finishing touches, like landscaping and parking, are much easier to achieve.


5. Simplified Construction


It simplifies the build. Modular office building does not require the coordination of several expensive sub-contractors on site, security personnel, site managers and supervisors. In fact, 80% of the construction will take place inside a heated, state of the art factory. Only the remaining 20% will need to be coordinated by your builder. How impressive is that?


6. Relocation Opportunities


Modular office buildings are often easily relocatable. Having the flexibility to move your modular office in Alberta or across the prairies has the potential to save you resources, time and money.

If your business is looking to move – we hope that moving to a modular office is on your radar. Jandel Homes is happy to assist in your decision to build a modular office.

Give us a call TF: 855.463.0084 or visit our website to get started.

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