Design Ideas | August 21st, 2019

Home Office Inspirations!

We’ve never craved change quite like we have in the last decade. Working in a cubicle Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm is becoming less and less appealing to our workforce. So, they’re doing something about it. 

From side hustles selling hand-crafted goods to full scale businesses, it’s never been easier to work from home and continue building your future. Additionally, more and more companies are responding to the workforce change by giving employees a chance to telecommute.

“More than 1.7 million paid employees — those not self-employed — worked from home in 2008 at least once a week, up almost 23 per cent from the 1.4 million in 2000, according to the latest Statistics Canada report on the subject in 2010. (Robert Galbraith/Reuters)”

But let’s be honest – working at your kitchen table isn’t sustainable. You need a space that inspires your inner creative that’s also equipped with functional features to store paperwork, projects and materials. 

Our homes are designed with functionality in mind. Not only could you be in your dream home in as little as three months – you could be working in it, too.

Dual Built-In Smart Desks 

What’s better than one built-in smart desk? Two, of course! This sleek set up pairs luxury and functionality, all while adding a fun pop of color! 

These aren’t just any built-ins. We put ourselves in your shoes while dreaming up the perfect design. Storage, organization and space are all at your fingertips so you can spend time running your business – not running around trying to stay organized.

Show-Room Space

If you’re in the direct sales business that requires a product show-room, you might consider a plan like our Skyline. We included a living room / family room combination in this home that can easily double as a product showroom. You can easily incorporate shelving units to display products and built-in storage for those samples that are too big to sit out!

In-Home Studio

Whether you’re a photographer, an artist or a DIY extraordinaire, one thing is for certain – studio space is a must! Having a home-studio has the potential to decrease your monthly overhead costs while allowing you to write off some home-related expenses. A well lit space like the additional family room in the Pinnacle is the perfect place to bring your clients. We placed a large office with double doors just off this additional room to make administrative tasks seamless as well!

Having a functional, inspiring space to work in is integral to productivity. When you choose to build modularly with your office in mind, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat during the design phase. Select built-ins that suit your business and lifestyle while selecting your favourite color and materials from our decor centre. 

Contact us to learn more about building your dream home equipped with a Pinterest worthy office today!

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