Meadows of Morinville | February 20th, 2019

Cancel the condo showing – we have a surprise for you!

If you fall into one of the following categories then we need to talk about an affordable alternative to your current living situation:  

  1. You’re living in a condo sharing walls with 5 other tenants, wishing your supper smelled as delicious as theirs.
  2. You’re in the market for a new property and think that a condo is the only option within your budget.

Meadows of Morinville boasts a cost-effective alternative to condo-style living without sacrificing any luxuries. Allow us to break it down for you.

Say goodbye to shared walls

With fully detached single family homes from $196,900, you can say goodbye to shared walls! Yes, you read that right. Our community is filled with a variety of floorplans on spacious lots – some even come with a garage! You won’t have to worry about your neighbour who plays bass guitar into wee hours of the morning in our community. Embrace the sweet, sweet silence that comes with Meadows of Morinville!

Enjoy your own private yard

You’ll be able to enjoy your own private yard in Meadows of Morinville! A condo might have a balcony, a townhouse might have a small yard and you’ll probably have to share a yard with your duplex neighbour. The yards in our community average 50’ x 110’ – that’s a lot of space!

Our fees are locked in for 10 years

You won’t have to worry about an annual increase like you might see in a condo or townhouse complex. We’re all about leaving you with more financial freedom knowing exactly what you’re spending each month.

No special assessments here!

In Meadows of Morinville, you won’t have to constantly worry if your home is subject to an unexpected special assessment that will potentially leave you spending thousands of dollars. You can’t get that peace of mind in a condo or townhouse complex!  

Onsite amenities are a highlight in our community

You can enjoy complimentary access to a picnic area, community gazebo and convenient visitor parking with your residency.

Let’s recap.

You can either move into a condo or townhouse community and face potential yearly fee increases, have no private yard and share walls with up to 5 neighbours, or you can make life less complicated in Meadows of Morinville. Say YES to affordable living in our exclusive architecturally controlled community.

See what some of our current residents are saying and come in for a tour of the community!

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