Meadows of Morinville | July 3rd, 2018

Say NO to Shared Walls!

We cannot emphasize enough how great it is not to have to share a wall with your neighbor, no matter how pleasant they might be. If you are looking at condos, unless you choose an expensive end unit, you will typically share two walls, and possibly a ceiling and a floor.

It doesn’t have to be this way! In Meadows of Morinville, you get to say NO to shared walls! NO to the possibility of loud footsteps over your head and NO to the possibility of having to listen to your neighbors’ television or music.

Let’s talk about scents wafting through a building from your neighbor’s balcony…the smell of smoke, or marijuana that is soon to be legalized in Canada, or the cooking odors that often waft down the hallway of apartment buildings. We don’t have that here. Say NO to shared walls!

Say YES to a large, fully landscaped lot with your own private yard and deck. Choose Meadows of Morinville and downsize without compromise.

The Anchorage model shown below.

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