Past Projects | August 9th, 2017

A Peaceful Property in the Woods

Tucked away among bears, bald eagles and soaring trees is the Stockman family. We aren’t kidding about the bears, either! Allow us to introduce you to this wonderful piece of property that has been passed down from one generation to another that the Stockman’s are proud to call home.

This custom Tuscany floorplan has an immense amount of character. Cliff and his wife Carol have spent an immense amount of time turning our house into their home through landscaping, planting a fruitful garden and building a large back deck. Cliff spends most of his time enjoying the weather out on the deck, and we don’t blame him!

This homestead belonged to Cliff’s grandfather and is overflowing with history. We even had the opportunity to walk down a road carved out by his grandfather in the 1800’s used for logging. Now, you’ll find a peaceful bench at the end of the road overlooking the river where the Stockman family spends time watching the bald eagles catch their dinner or herds of deer taking a drink.

“I bought a Jandel Home because we looked at many other ones, and between me and my wife, we decided that we liked the quality of the [homes]!” – Cliff Stockman, Flatbush, AB

We wish you all many years of happiness in your beautiful Jandel home. Thank you for welcoming our marketing team into your haven in the woods – we were so thrilled to be there!

We are your Alberta based, rural home expert and we are thrilled to see how the Stockman’s are enjoying their Jandel home.

If you reside in Western Canada and are ready to take the next step on your journey to home ownership, contact us today!

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