About Jandel | June 29th, 2017

Deliver, Get Set, Enjoy!

Thousands of products are ground delivered across Canada every day, but have you ever seen a 2415 sq. ft. home pass you on the highway? We make the delivery and set up process look like piece of cake thanks to over 40 years of industry experience! Here’s how we can get your home delivered, set up and functional in a flash – it’s all a part of The Jandel Difference.

Step 1: Meet Our Client Advisory Team.

Our Client Advisory Team will assist you in keeping the process on track and the delivery on time. They will coordinate the drawings you require for permits, assist with any questions you may have in regard to banking, lawyers, The New Home Buyer’s Protection Act and coordinate with the other Jandel departments.

Step 2: Our Transportation Team Will Come Out To Meet You.

They will head out and complete a site inspection for you. At the site inspection, we will review everything that Jandel will be doing and everything that is your responsibility to complete to ensure a safe, solid foundation system and ensure your home gets delivered safely. We even give you a checklist and follow up to ensure you haven’t run into any issues along the way.

Step 3: Collaborate With Our Construction Team.

Coordinates with you on foundation installations, modular home set ups, and full turnkey set ups. The Construction Team is also an excellent resource for assisting you with the coordination of your tradespeople if Jandel is not the General Contractor on the job.

Step 4: Our Customer Care Team.

Once your home has been delivered, Jandel’s Customer Care Team will take over your file to work with you on your Post-Delivery Inspection, Warranty Activation and addressing any potential deficiencies in a timely manner.


If you are still intimidated by the whole process, or too busy to be the General Contractor – that’s easy – just turn the entire project over to us! We are happy to provide you with a comprehensive quote to complete the work on your behalf so you get to relax! Just complete the contract and we’ll hand over the keys a few months later.

No other organization does what we do. That’s all part of The Jandel Difference.

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