Meet Our Team | April 6th, 2017

Meet Our Assistant Operations Manager!

We’re pleased to introduce our Assistant Operations Manager, Rod Higgins. Rod has been with Jandel Homes for over two years and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Rod is an amazing dancer, father to a sweet little girl and a team member. Oh, and you can bet he always has the best lunches in the office!

Rod came to Jandel with a background in carpentry. He owned a cabinet making business for over seven years and brought a wealth of knowledge relating to construction, process and budgeting to the organization.

You can find Rod on the dance floor or spending time with his better half, Crystal, and their daughter, Amelia, when he’s not at work. Rod has moves beyond the classic Sprinkler and Shopping Cart! He was a competitive country dancer for several years and had the opportunity to compete all across North America.

We mentioned that Rod has the best lunches in the office and we weren’t kidding. Rod and Crystal have a passion for eating real, healthy food that has translated into colorful aromatic lunches. If you saw the pizza Rod brought it, you’d never order again!

Here’s what a few co-workers said about working with Rod:

“Rod is a very supportive person to work with and always has a big smile on his face. Whether you are a customer, or an employee, he always takes the time to help you or be a listening ear.” – Novalee Poworoznik

“Rod is an amazing person to work with. He sure knows how to put a smile on your face, especially when he shares pictures of his adorable baby girl. I like listening to Rod’s stories of him growing up on the “Northside” of town. He is very friendly and is always willing to help out where he can and takes the time to make sure everyone is taken care of!” – Chantel Cordeiro

Rod, thank you for everything you do at Jandel Homes. Your work is greatly appreciated and we look forward to having you with us for many years to come! You can learn more about our dynamic team over on our blog!

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