About Jandel | January 13th, 2017

Made in Canada

Oh, Canada! There’s something special about operating in the Great White North. We stand among national treasures such as the beaver, ice hockey and Tim Hortons. At Jandel, our homes are proudly manufactured right here on Canadian soil. By manufacturing locally, we’re supporting over 500 Canadian jobs and participating in sustainable environmental practices. That’s something to brag about!

Where exactly does your home come from? All our homes are proudly built right here in Alberta at a factory located in Central or Southern Alberta. Did you know, the entire factory built housing industry supports over 7,700 local jobs in Alberta? In addition, the manufactured building activity helps support 28,000 jobs across Canada and generates more than $5 billion in economic activity.

Partnering with a local supplier allows us to keep our carbon footprint small during the delivery process while getting your home to you faster! Become part of something great by choosing to work with Jandel Homes. Let’s continue to keep it local!

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