About Jandel | The Modular Advantage | October 6th, 2016

First Replacement Home Delivered

We are pleased to announce that Jandel’s first replacement home has arrived onsite in the Beacon Hill subdivision this week. The RTM (ready to move) house is 2,280 square feet and is affixed to a piling foundation.

“What some people don’t know is that by using state of the art technology and production efficiencies, factory built homes offer dramatically reduced construction time over traditional building onsite, which in turn means you can take possession of your new home in as little as two to four months”, says Rolf Williamson, Operations Manager with Jandel Homes. “For this particular family, we were further able to speed up construction timelines because they selected a piling foundation, rather than a basement, which literally saved weeks of time on the rebuild.”


“We had families from Fort McMurray coming into our Sales Centre while much of the City was still evacuating. Their resiliency during such a traumatic life experience has been truly inspiring. Going through this journey with these families has been humbling”, says Dan Hill, Director of Sales with Jandel Homes. “These families have chosen to trust us with their rebuilds and we’re pleased to be such an integral part of them moving forward”.

Once a house makes the journey from the manufacturing facility to the home site, it gets placed onto its foundation and then the onsite work commences. Contractors will spend a few weeks connecting the services and doing a few touch ups. Jandel Homes is expecting that the homeowners will be taking possession in early November.

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