Homes for BC | July 26th, 2016

DID YOU KNOW? We’ve been serving North-Eastern BC home buyers since 1974.

We currently have three spec homes built to the BC building code and ready to be delivered. If you are a BC homebuyer, you could be living in your new house by September if you act fast.

The Vienna 4-bedroom model (pictured below) is one of the homes we have built on spec and is ready for a quick delivery.

Jandel’s modular homes and commercial structures that are built to be situated in BC are constructed to meet the BC Building Code and the Canadian Standards Association’s A-277 guideline, a factory certification. Read more.

Transportation falls under provincial jurisdiction, so every province has its own regulations. In British Columbia, we can transport modules of up to 20 feet wide (with 3¼” eaves) in one piece. In order to comply with BC’s transportation regulations, modular homes greater than 20 feet in width will need to be built in two or more pieces and will require some onsite assembly.

We face some transport restrictions in the winter for our BC homes, so if you are hoping for a new home in 2016, time is running out. Typically, we need to get our BC homes delivered by the end of October. For more information, please call our Sales Centre toll free 855.463.0084 [Edmonton] or 877.504.5005 [Grande Prairie] or send us a quick email.

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