The Modular Advantage | July 21st, 2016

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Factory Builder

How long have you been in business?

Let them tell you about their background and experience level. A legitimate and qualified builder will be proud of their track record and history, and be honest with you about both their strengths and their limitations.

What Industry Associations are you a member of?

Membership in one of our Associations is indicative of a builder’s commitment to the industry. Members provide proof of licensing and agree to operate within a code of ethics. Industry Associations police their own membership groups. If you are buying a factory built home, you likely will want your builder to be a member of one or more of the following industry associations:

  • MHAPP. Modular Housing Association Prairie Provinces [For builders with physical locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba]
  • MHABC. Manufactured Housing Association British Columbia [For builders with physical locations in British Columbia]
  • CMHI. Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute
  • MBI. Modular Building Institute

Where will my home be built?

If it matters to you where your home will be built, and it should, then you will want to ask this question. Some companies will claim to be 100% Canadian, yet their homes are built thousands of miles away, in the United States.

How large is your service department? What is your response time?

All builders offer warranty – it is mandated by legislation. In today’s world, the question needs to become about how long you will be waiting for service after possession day. Large companies with one Service Technician, for instance, are unlikely to have quick turn-around times.

Will you give us references from previous clients?

Most builders will be happy to provide you references. Contact past customers to see if the project was completed on time, on budget, the after-sales service and if they are happy with their new home.

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