The Modular Advantage | March 17th, 2016

Why Build Modularly?

Built inside a state of the art, climate controlled manufacturing facility, modular homes are precision built to withstand the rigors of transport. This modern and efficient building process creates high quality built homes while saving time, money and resources.


Picture at left – Galvanized steel tie downs. Picture at right – Structural horizontal bracing. Both features add structural support and are unique to modular built structures.

Choose modular construction if you need …

Speed. Modular building systems are the way to go when you need space and you need it now. Simple buildings can be constructed in as little as 60 to 90 days and the risk of weather delays are minimized.

Savings. Computer modules and equipment is used in the factory creating efficiencies that are simply not present on a traditional building site. These efficiencies can create substantial savings of time, cost and resources.

Cost Certainty. Materials are ordered to exact fitment requirements, eliminating waste. Firm schedules are respected, eliminating cost overruns. Equipment used at the factory assists with easing of labor costs.

Quality. State of the art manufacturing technologies create a precise build and the certification process requires stringent quality control inspections.

Sustainability. The environmental cost of building and then destroying functionally obsolete buildings is enormous. Modular buildings can be built to be easily relocatable, reconfigured and re-purposed.

Choice. You have the option to custom design your own floorplan or choose from one of our standard plans. Décor, colours and endless options are yours for the choosing.

If you would like to learn more about the modular construction process, please contact us today to schedule a tour of our Sales Centre. Hope to see you soon!

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