The Modular Advantage | December 11th, 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Buy in the Winter

Clients often ask us if it’s possible to build and deliver a home in the winter and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! There is no need to hibernate! There are some significant benefits to having your home delivered in the winter.


  1. If you buy property in the fall, you will have to carry the cost of owning the land until you are ready to move. You will also have to carry the cost of your existing mortgage until you move into your new home. Starting the work now rather than later could save you thousands of dollars in carrying costs.
  2. It is considered the “off-season” by most in the housing industry. The slower building season makes it easier to find qualified tradespeople, a significant advantage in the Prairie Provinces, where we still face a tight labour market.
  3. Government offices are usually slower in the winter months, which typically makes the permitting process faster than peak season.
  4. The slower building season might also make it possible to get better pricing – builders, factories and trades people are often more willing to negotiate during the slower months.
  5. Those who wait until spring to have their home delivered can face delays due to soft ground conditions and road bans.
  6. By starting now and having your home arrive in the winter, you can get started on your landscaping early in the spring and enjoy the summer months in your new yard. Those who wait until spring are often dealing with dirt and mud through the summer as trades come and go.
  7. Who doesn’t want a new home for Christmas?!?
  8. Sub-contractors are typically less busy in the winter, making them more likely to meet   your schedule.
  9. Sub-contractors and trades people can continue to work in the snow, they usually cannot in the rain.
  10. You will be in your new home faster!


In regards to winter installation of the foundation and completion of the site work, please read Should You Consider Building in the Winter?

Jandel’s modular homes are built entirely indoors. Our clients have peace of mind that their homes are constructed in a climate controlled environment and the materials that go into them are never exposed to the elements. Follow the story on Twitter #ABetterWaytoBuild.

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