Meet Our Team | October 22nd, 2015

Meet Our Customer Care Manager

We are pleased to introduce you to Chantel Cordeiro, our Customer Care Manager. Chantel joined the Jandel Homes team in 2008 straight out of college. We had been advertising for a Receptionist position and, armed with her new degree in Business Administration, Chantel decided to apply.


With her amazing work ethic and strong customer service skills, Chantel quickly advanced within the organization. She has assisted every department through the years but eventually found her true aptitude within the Customer Care department. She served as the Customer Care Coordinator for a number of years until 2011, when she was promoted into the role of Customer Care Manager.

Chantel is a dedicated achiever and always works hard to assist Jandel’s customers find the best possible outcome. She is well-respected within our organization as a team player, for speaking honestly and managing herself with a lot of integrity.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chantel for over two years and I have always found her to be helpful, patient and knowledgeable”. – Don Hunt, Assistant Branch Manager, Edmonton  

“Chantel is a fierce advocate for Jandel’s customers and I have always known her to work diligently for them. Chantel has a great spirit and it is a true pleasure to work with her”.  – Dan Hill, Director of Sales.

I have worked with Chantel for the past 5 years and have constantly been surprised by her perseverance to deliver the best quality service possible to each and every customer. Her attention to detail is admirable and she always has a positive outlook on any situation. Every day that goes by she is honing her skills and her teams to better the experience for our customers and the people they work with. It is truly a pleasure having Chantel as part of the team!” – Rolf Williamson, Operations Manager

Proud of her Portuguese heritage, Chantel is an avid supporter of World Cup Soccer and a ton of fun. She loves to show off her dance moves and is always one of the first ones on the dance floor at the employee Christmas parties! Chantel resides in Edmonton and is newly engaged. We wish Chantel and her fiancé much continued success and happiness!

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