About Jandel | June 17th, 2015

Why Buy Local?

The factory built housing industry supports over 7,700 local jobs in Alberta. In 2013, modular housing starts represented 14% of all housing starts in Canada. In addition, the manufactured building activity helps support 28,000 jobs across Canada and generates more than $5 billion in economic activity. [Source: 2013 Annual Report from the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute. Read the report.]

Did you know that Alberta accounted for half of all of the American built manufactured homes imported into Canada for three years straight? [Source: 2013 Annual Report from the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute]
When we buy products from abroad, it has a profound effect on the economy. Sadly, the years between 2003 – 2008 saw Canada lose 350,000 manufacturing jobs and this hasn’t improved much since. [Source: BuyCanadianFirst.com] Only a handful of Canadian factory builders compete internationally – buying imported homes from the United States hurts these suppliers.

Buying locally supports our economy by recirculating local dollars within the province and the rest of Canada, creates more local jobs, enables charitable giving, improves infrastructure and is more environmentally sound.

We are proud to say not only that all of our homes are built in Canada, but they are built right here in Alberta. Our homes are transported to site with our local transporters and they are installed on site with local contractors.

The more you know, the better we look! 


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