Homes for BC | March 24th, 2015

Modular Homes for Residents of British Columbia

Since our establishment in 1974, Jandel Homes has been supplying manufactured and modular homes as well as commercial structures for buyers across Western Canada, including Northern British Columbia. Some new building codes came into effect in BC recently that affect all new homes being built in the province, including modular and manufactured structures.

New Building Codes for British Columbia

The new Building Act in British Columbia came into legislation in February 2015, implementing some changes to BC’s Building Code. To summarize the code changes in the most basic terms, homes built today will need increased minimum ventilation requirements and insulating values. Jandel Homes is now installing R60 in the roof, R33 in the floor, R22 in the sidewalls, awning or casement windows and an HRV air exchanger to meet these code requirements for homes being situated in BC. The increased R-values in the roof have made it difficult for some factory builders to still offer vaulted ceilings inside their homes. We are pleased to report that Jandel is still able to offer this option. Read more.

Casement or awning windows (as shown above) and increased insulation values are some of the new specifications for Jandel’s “BC ready” homes.

Regardless of how or where a building is constructed, the municipality where the building will be located has a mandate to confirm that the building is built to code requirements. We would recommend you speak with your municipality about the specific permit requirements for your location prior to shopping for your new home. Jandel’s modular homes and commercial structures that are built to be situated in BC are constructed to meet the BC Building Code and the Canadian Standards Association’s A-277 guideline, a factory certification. Read more.

Transportation into British Columbia

Transportation falls under provincial jurisdiction, so every province has its own regulations. In British Columbia, we can transport modules of up to 20 feet wide (with 3¼” eaves) in one piece. In order to comply with BC’s transportation regulations, modular homes greater than 20 feet in width will need to be built in two or more pieces and will require some onsite assembly.

Pictured above – A two piece modular office being transported to site (above left) and three homes awaiting final departure at our Edmonton Sales Centre last spring (above right).

For more information, please call our Sales Centre toll free 855.463.0084 [Edmonton] or 877.504.5005 [Grande Prairie] or send us a quick email.

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