The Modular Advantage | November 27th, 2013

Modular Process Improves Construction Efficiency

The National Research Council recently made the recommendation that the construction industry in the U.S. makes greater use of “prefabrication, preassembly, modularization, and off-site fabrication techniques and processes” as one of the steps towards improving efficiency. It defines efficiency improvements as ways to cut waste in time, costs, materials, energy, skills, and labor. [Source: National Academies Press – view full report] Further, “Manufacturing building components off-site provides for more controlled conditions and allows for improved quality and precision in the fabrication.”

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein [Professor Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Alberta] states “the building industry has changed little over the past few decades, and there is a need to replace traditional production processes with a standardized factory-based production system using new technologies and operation management tools.” Watch the video

In the fall of 2011, BC Housing compiled a report on modular construction and concluded that modular construction can be more time efficient. “Stakeholders estimated modular construction took about half the time compared to stick-built construction [including pre-planning, plant assembly, onsite prep work and onsite assembly].” They also found that modular construction can be of a higher quality – modules are built in a centralized location allowing for better supervision for quality control. View the full report.

Beyond the huge advantage of precise building techniques, modular construction takes 85% of the build away from the site location, reducing traffic, site disruption and construction hazards.

Safety and productivity is greatly improved with modular construction vs. conventional onsite building and onsite workforce requirements and costs are reduced.

Improved construction efficiencies reduce costs and construction time, generate higher quality products, and create healthier environments for workers and occupants.

Modular, A Better Way to Build

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