The Modular Advantage | June 5th, 2013

Modular Construction…It’s Weatherproof!

One of the many benefits of building inside a factory, in a climate controlled setting, is that our homes and structures – and the materials that go into them – are not exposed to the weather.
The occasional exposure to rain or snow is generally not an issue for wood framed homes, wood is one of the most trusted building materials in existence. “Wood can safely absorb large quantities of water before reaching moisture content levels that will be inviting for decay fungi.” – Canadian Wood Council.

Wherever water is retained and has no opportunity to dry, however, is a recipe for significant potential long term damage.

  • Engineered lumber products are limited in their ability to withstand high moisture
  • Sub-flooring that isn’t allowed to dry properly is prone to swelling and buckling
  • OSB can be prone to expansion after cycles of wet and dry
  • Extreme exposure to moisture can cause the bonding adhesives in engineered lumber products to be compromised
  • Wood strength properties decrease as moisture content increases
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* Pictures below taken in a site built subdivision in Edmonton, March, 2013. Note the way the materials are stored.

*Pictures below are how we store materials at our state of the art manufacturing facility.

Whether you choose to buy your new home from us, another modular builder or a site builder, it pays to do your homework. It’s a significant investment. Tour the show home[s] and Sales Centres – and check out the new subdivisions as the homes are going in. If you choose a site builder, go tour the subdivision on a rainy day and then check back a week later to see if the roof trusses are still lying in a puddle of water. If they are, you have some questions to ask your builder.

The more you KNOW, the better we LOOK!

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