The Modular Advantage | April 13th, 2013

Modular Buildings Enhance Construction Timeframes

Modular buildings are transforming expectations, all over the world. Cutting construction time in as much as half is an extremely attractive advantage compelling architects and engineers to choose modular construction when designing their projects all over the globe.

In India, a 10-storey building was erected in just 48 hours. China is beating some impossibly fast construction speeds with the completion of a 30-storey hotel in 15 days and the same company is proposing that they will build a 220-storey sky rise in just 90 days. London council, in the United Kingdom is looking at pre-fab homes in order to solve its housing crisis, with those 3 bedroom homes being completed in just 11 days.

Enhanced construction timeframes were certainly a motivating factor for us when we built the Jandel Homes Sales Centre in Acheson, Alberta. The four piece modular was built on 10’ ICF basement that was installed while the modules were being constructed at the factory. Once the modules were ready, we coordinated all of the modules to arrive early in the morning and by supper time the same day, our new office was in place. It was ready for occupancy about three weeks later.



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