The Modular Advantage | November 2nd, 2012

Moving Your Business? Consider Modular Construction

Moving a business can be an exciting and important step in the long term growth of the organization. It can also be a logistical challenge with lots of unexpected pitfalls.  New buildings are costly, and extended construction timelines can drive up cost over runs, often beyond budgets and available resources.

According to the article “When, Why and How to Move Your Business” from, there are three key strategies to ensuring a successful move.

  • Be realistic with your budget
  • Do your homework
  • Carefully plan the move itself

Custom modular construction can get your business up and running in less time, and often for less money compared to traditional construction. Beyond the cost and time savings, there are tremendous benefits of building modularly.

Precise and efficient building technology ensures that your building is delivered on time. We are so efficient, in fact, modular builders can often pinpoint the time of day the building will be finished.

Quick Occupancy
The onsite groundwork can occur while the module(s) are getting built, leading to much faster construction times. Occupancy can take place very quickly after the modules arrive and shorter time to occupancy means faster revenue generation.

Design Flexibility
Designs are flexible, modern, easily customizable and attractive. Choose from plans ranging from a simple single section module of 800 square feet or design your own plan of 6000 square feet or more.

Less Disruption
Modular construction ensures less disruption at the job site, which makes the installation of the finishing touches, like landscaping and parking, much easier to achieve.

Simplified Construction
It simplifies the build. No need to coordinate several expensive sub-contractors on site, security personnel, Site Managers and Supervisors – 80% of the construction will take place inside a heated factory.  And the 20% that isn’t done at the factory will be coordinated by your builder.

Relocation Opportunities
Modular office buildings are often easily re-locatable, which will save you resources, time and money.

Modular construction is a cost-effective eco-friendly solution to today’s work space challenges. If you are considering moving your office, take the time to consider modular construction as a potential solution.

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