Green Initiative | October 3rd, 2012

Modular Construction Processes are Environmentally Friendly

The home building industry contributes significantly to environmental issues. According to the Green Building Resource Centre, a “typically built” 1700 square foot wood frame house requires the equivalent of clear cutting one acre of forest. Source:

Prefabricated and modular construction methods, in comparison, are actually very green and sustainable. Sheri Koones, author of the book Prefabulous and Almost Off the Grid, was recently interviewed for an article in the Edmonton Journal and she stated, “Prefab homes are much more efficient and environmentally friendly. There is so much less waste in the manufacturing process. Any excess materials can be recycled into other homes and sent back to the manufacturer instead of ending up in the dumpster.” Source:

Photo above left – Debris in a typical site built subdivision. An average ‘site built’ home requires the equivalent of clear cutting one acre of forest. Photo above right – Modular construction, with precision building techniques generates very little waste. What waste is generated is easily recycled. 
U of A civil and environmental engineering professor Mohamed Al-Hussein analyzed the CO2 impact of modular verses conventional construction on-site construction from all the material, trucks and people coming and going to the job site every day. His conclusion stated “In summary, modular construction compared to on-site construction results in a scheduling savings of 55% and a 43% reduction in CO2 emissions”. Source: Modular Housing Association, Prairie Provinces|

In his article, Modular Homes are Naturally Green and Sustainable, John Connell – Design Director at Connor Homes states “To suggest that prefab homes are green simply because they reduce waste is like saying insulation is a great way to reduce noise – it’s only the proverbial tip of the iceberg!”

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