The Modular Advantage | August 2nd, 2012

The Modular Quality Advantage

Most of our clients come to us with the perception that the sole advantage of building modularly is price. While modular home builders are usually able to build new homes more affordably than on-site home builders (for the same reasons a car manufacturer can build cars more affordably than a mechanic could in his garage), we would argue that the quality of construction should be the paramount consideration for building modularly.

1) Building a home in a factory allows the builder to utilize assembly line efficiencies and more sophisticated equipment tools than they would have access to in the field.

  • Assembly with precision jigs ensures all walls, ceiling and floors are square and plumb.
  • State of the art computerized equipment, power tools and material handling equipment ensure a precision build.


2) Factories have rigorous quality control systems in place.

  • Canadian factories employ a well-trained and closely supervised workforce.
  • Thorough and multi part inspections on the factory floor at each stage of assembly by quality control personnel ensure minimal human error.
  • Third party inspection agencies ensure every home is built to meet or exceed codes.

3) Modular builders use the highest quality materials.

  • All materials are protected from the elements and the construction takes place in a climate controlled environment, so homes and the materials used to build them are never subject to weather related damage.
  • There is no potential for mold because materials are not exposed to precipitation.
  • Modular homes are built with 20 – 30% more framing lumber than their site built counterparts in order to ensure a secure trip to their final home site.

4) Modular homes have unparalleled structural strength.

  • Adhesives, as well as screws and strapping, are used in fastening components together creating a sturdier structure.
  • Exterior wall sheathing is glued and stapled to the studs and belt rails so there is no exterior sheathing that is not supported by framing. The sheathing also laps the floor framing and perimeter of the roof.

The more you know, the better we look!

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