Building Codes and Legislation | February 2nd, 2012

Today’s Modular Home Building Codes

Today’s building codes for modular homes are nothing like the mobile homes of the past.  Back in the 1970s, a mobile home was built to a less stringent code than is used today.  The norm back then was 2’x4’ exterior walls. That gets chilly in a Canadian winter!  Today, that home wouldn’t be allowed to leave the factory floor.

Whether the home is factory built, or site built, or using a combination of both methods – in Alberta, the building code is the same for all building styles, no matter the method of construction. Today’s modular homes, however, are almost always built to a higher quality than more traditional building practices simply because modular home builders have to meet more stringent standards.

First – our homes are inspected on the factory floor at every stage of production.  Then – independent third party inspectors spot check homes as they are being built, for code compliance. When our home leaves the factory, it will bear a sticker on the electrical panel that certifies it is code compliant.  When the home is ready to leave the factory, the modules of that building (whether it is one piece or more) need to be built strong enough to survive travel down the highway to the final location. Once the home arrives on site, we then begin to go through all the same building inspections that a traditional site builder goes through, except that our homes have already been inspected many times by that point!

If you are comparing site built vs. modular…drive around and look at some homes being built, and ask the builder if that home would survive travel down the highway. Of course it wouldn’t. Our homes are simply built stronger. Strong enough that our manufacturer has now introduced a 20 year structural warranty, the most comprehensive in the business today.

The more you know, the better we look!

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