The Modular Advantage | January 19th, 2012

Building Modular Gives Homeowners Quality With Style

We are often asked what styles of houses we can build. What many people don’t understand is that modular housing is simply a method of construction – not a STYLE of house. Two stories; bi-levels; duplexes; or commercial buildings…most modular home builders can build anything ‘on-site’ builders can do. Often we can build it with a price advantage, but always with increased efficiencies & certainly with more environmentally friendly building practices. Whatever style of home best suits your needs – we can build it.  Here’s a great example:

How can we do this? Modular home builders continue to lead the way in housing innovations & green building practice by building our homes in a factory and shipping the modules to site. Factory built modules are monitored with ISO certified quality processes in a production facility where employees don’t need to worry how rain or windstorms might affect the quality of the final job. It often results in a 30% reduction in materials used. In simple styles these often lead to some significant cost savings. Other more complicated housing styles may reduce some of the cost advantages factory built may offer – but not all. Factory building practices are always more efficient.

In fact, most site builders have adopted our building practices, with many components arriving onsite as ‘pre-built’. Other home builders, wanting to disassociate themselves from the poor quality of cheap mobile homes from the past are promoting themselves as “systems built”. It’s the same principle.  Build components in a factory and assemble on site.

So regardless of the home style you would like, consider choosing modular construction for your next home.

The more you know, the better we look!

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